Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

Squire Performing Arts Centre (we) reserve the right to:

  • Make any alterations to the advertised programme or casting rendered necessary by unavoidable causes
  • Request any ticket holder to leave the theatre and take appropriate action to enforce this right
  • Refuse admission or eject from the venue any person that we believe is likely to cause a nuisance, disturbance or threat to other audience members, the venue or its employees


Every member of the audience must have a valid ticket for the date and time that they are attending and be able to produce ID to support a concessionary or discounted rate

General Terms of Admission

  • Production running times are estimates until after press night has taken place
  • Production start times may vary
  • Our latecomers policy is dependent on the production. Latecomers may be asked to wait in the foyer until an appropriate moment in the performance to admit them to the auditorium. If there is no appropriate moment, or admittance will cause disruption, latecomers may be refused admission. There is a monitor in the foyer where latecomers can view the performance. No refund or exchange will be offered in this instance
  • Audience members who leave the auditorium once the performance has started may be asked to wait in the foyer until an appropriate moment in the performance to be re-admitted. If there is no appropriate moment, or admittance will cause disruption, re-admittance may be refused. There is a monitor in the foyer where the performance can be viewed. No refund or exchange will be offered in this instance
  • The use of mobile phones and other electronic devices, even when silenced, can be distracting to other audience members and the performers on stage. Mobile phones, watch alarms and other electronic devices should be switched off before entering the auditorium
  • Children under the age of four, including babes in arms, will not be admitted to the auditorium – exceptions to this rule can only be made if Squire Performing Arts Centre advertises the production as a family show suitable for young children of that age
  • Filming, photography or audio in the foyer or during a performance is strictly prohibited unless written permission has been granted by the marketing department. Squire Performing Arts Centre reserves the right to delete or destroy any such recorded material made without permission
  • Squire Performing Arts Centre may carry out general filming, sound recording or photography in or around the venue. By purchasing tickets or visiting the bar you and your party are consenting to being filmed, recorded or photographed
  • Squire Performing Arts Centre does not have a cloakroom
  • We welcome feedback at any time. Please send your comments, compliments or complaints to info@squirepac.co.uk

Security and Safety

  • Abusive, anti-social or threatening behaviour of any kind towards another member of the audience or staff will result in immediate removal from the premises and may result in legal action
  • Whilst not currently standard practice, Squire Performing Arts Centre reserves the right to conduct bag searches for security purposes
  • Hot food is not permitted in the auditorium. Please remember any food/sweets in noisy wrappers may disturb the performers and other members of the audience
  • Strobe lighting, gunshots and smoke effects are sometimes used in productions; details will be posted in the foyer.
Complaints Policy

Squire performing Arts Centre undergo a constant evaluation of the service we offer. As a result, we view complaints as an opportunity to learn and develop as well as a chance to put things right for the person (or organisation) that has made a complaint.

A complaint is classed as a need to express dissatisfaction, whether justified or not, about any aspects of Squire Performing Arts Centre. The complaints may be from clients, stakeholders, members of the general public, hirers, performers.

Should a complaint be made it will be handled carefully and with sensitivity and information will only be shared with those who can assist in resolving the complaint or to gather relevant information to assist in ascertaining the situation.

This policy is reviewed annually as part of the Annual Policy Review and is updated as required.

How to complain

Squire Performing Arts Centre aim to deal with any complaint as soon as possible. In the first instance contact us either in person at the time of the incident by speaking to a member of staff, or to ask the member of staff to pass on details to the Performing Arts Centre Manager, who will respond at the earliest opportunity to try and resolve the matter. Many complaints can be resolved informally.
Should you not be satisfied, or wish to make a more formal complaint, please put the information into writing to

Email: info@squirepac.co.uk
Post: Squire Performing Arts Centre, 9 Arboretum Street, Nottingham NG1 4JB

We ask that you please include as much of the following as possible:

  •  Date and time
  • Location
  • What the complaint regarding, giving as much information as possible on the incident.
  • Your details to be able to contact you (name, email address and phone number).
    Following contact being made to Squire Performing Arts Centre, you may be contacted to obtain further information to aid resolving the complaint, and will receive a response to your complaint as soon as possible, but within 15 working days.

Complaints made via social media may not be seen quickly, if a complaint is seen we aim to respond, but ask that the alternative chains of communication are followed stated above.
If a criminal offence is alleged, then the police will be informed.
If you do not feel that a complaint has been dealt with fairly by direct contact in the first instance, then Please contact Jeremy Dunn, Director of Finance and Operations at enquiries@not.gdst.net.
This policy was last updated 17th May 2021