creative learning

Be curious. Be fearless. Engage, collaborate and play. This is Creative Learning.

Creative learning is at the heart of Squire Performing Arts Centre. We are committed to providing arts and performance education through the teaching and learning of all performance arts giving the opportunity to develop creative potential and boost engagement with the arts. We are working to inspire, influence and create opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds across the East Midlands. Through engagement with local groups, we give them the chance to perform in a professional theatre, with practical taster sessions and workshops introducing new ideas and skills.

Everything from respect to being flexible and more, can be learned through creative learning in the arts.

  • Self ­confidence The more we practice, the more confident we become in trying new things, taking risks, and gaining personal confidence – anywhere we need to step out of our comfort zone.
  • Creative thinking & problem solving Thinking on your feet. Being able to approach a problem from a different angle, or with unique abilities is truly a life skill.
  • Follow through & self-discipline There will always be an opening night, and every audience is new, so our practice and performance has to remain solid. In other words, “The show must go on!”
  • Teamwork The fun, interaction and energy of the cast and crew make those inevitable difficult times more than worth it, and this teaches us to push through problems by seeing the big picture, which is the team goal.
  • The ability to work under pressure. Live audiences! Technical glitches! And yet, we learn to thrive under pressure, when needed, by performing. We become stronger people by surviving the obstacles and moving forward every day.
  • Sheer enjoyment Passion for the collaboration with a team that you care about is fun for those who choose the arts. We learn to live in the moment. We dance and sing, and call cues, and create something. We find our passion in the theatre. And at the end of every exhausting day, we push forward, for the love of our craft.

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