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Donor Tree

The Donor Tree takes pride of place in  The Space and is not just a stunning piece of art, but also a beautiful way to display our appreciation of the continued support of our donors.

The build is now complete and The Space is enjoying lots of use for productions, meetings and other events, in school and externally. We are very grateful for all of the support and donations already received which helped us to get where we are, but as with so many projects of this size, there will always be things that we require in order to improve and maintain this amazing facility, and here’s how you can help.

Buying a leaf on the tree will not only assist in the upkeep of ‘The Space by helping provide funds for vital technical equipment and supplies, but will also display your commitment to NGHS and this project, and give you an opportunity to perhaps make a dedication to somebody special, which will remain at the heart of this stunning building.

How to buy a leaf on the tree

There are four different leaves to choose from determined by the level of donation you wish to make. Simply choose a leaf, and we will engrave it with your name, or any name, message or dedication you choose. The leaf will be engraved and displayed on the Donor Tree in perpetuity – a lasting and permanent reminder of how you helped build and support the NGHS Performing Arts Centre.

Leaf type

Decide on the colour of your leaf, Click here to complete the online form – don’t forget to tick the Gift Aid box to maximize your donation! Once you have made your donation, we will contact you to discuss what you would like engraved on your leaf.

Thank you for your support!