Top Tips For Staying Creative At Home

Staying creative, whether it be through writing, through performance, music, poetry, art or dance is extremely beneficial for our well-being.

These are unprecedented and bizarre times, quite unlike anything that the world has seen in decades. Our friends in the arts community are undoubtedly struggling in the face of uncertainty – how many programmed events do we cancel? How do we support local artists? Do we keep creating content?

Thankfully, this community is a resilient one and are not only supporting each other (like Arts Council England launching emergency funding) but the nation are realising how important it is for everyone to keep those creative juices flowing.

Let’s stick together and remind each other of the joy of creativity!

Here’s some of our top tips for staying creative at home:

1. Make a motivational playlist

There’s nothing quite like that go-to track to get you out of bed with some purpose in the morning! Having a dance around the kitchen as you make your morning coffee is the perfect way to relax, start singing and get in a good frame of mind for creating something.

We’ve made an Isolation Motivation playlist on Spotify full of the best hits from musicals that are helping our whole team to stay inspired at home!

Check it out here, or try making your own: Squire PAC Isolation Motivation playlist

2. Do some exercise

There are plenty of ways to even be creative with the way that you exercise during lockdown.

Members of our team have decided to start every day with a yoga session to help them to have a clear head, ready to embrace what the day holds.

You will really feel the benefit of getting up out of your seat and stretching, exercising, walking, or dancing!
We can’t recommend this enough.

3. Read, read – read!

Read with your kids, read before you go to bed, read on your lunch break. Research your favourite topics and discover fascinating things you never knew. Or get lost in a fictional world and let your imagination come to life!

4. Watch some good quality creative content

Although theatres nationwide have had to close their doors like we have at Squire Performing Arts Centre, many are streaming content online.

Here’s some fantastic performances to look out for – there really is something for everyone!

  1. Sadler’s Wells | Ballet Boyz | 27 March
  2. The Royal Opera House | Così fan tutte | 17 April
  3. Shakespeare’s Globe | Hamlet / The Two Noble Kinsmen | On Demand
5. Have a designated creative space

Try and surround yourself with things that will help you to be productive. For most of us, this means sadly getting out of bed, making a desk or studio space, and not sitting in a room with other distracting screens.

Our office at Squire Performing Arts Centre is full of plants, life, and looks out over a window, – something we can aim to recreate at home. Try and recreate the things about your usual workspace that you find helpful.

6. Find something that brings you joy!

It’s always important to make the time for things that you enjoy, especially in the midst of social distancing and isolation.

Some of you may have seen that Nottingham comedian Scott Bennett has recently decided to live stream his performances from his shed! He’s not been able to attend all of his shows due to the Covid-19 lockdown nationwide (although is still currently due to come to us in October).

You can find out more about Scott’s hilarious shed-comedy here or just use this as inspiration to either create, or find something that makes you laugh!

Scott has not let lockdown stop him from doing what he loves.
Be like Scott.

7. Stay connected

Creativity flows when we are able to bounce ideas off each other and provide feedback, encouragement and support.

In the arts industry in particular, this is vitally important.

Just remember, you’re not in this alone.
We may all be physically distant and isolated – but we don’t have to be socially and emotionally distant.